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Happy Days Childcare is a warm, friendly place where all children and their families are respected, nurtured and encouraged.

We understand that having a solid foundation in the earliest years can lead to success, both emotionally and academically for the rest of their lives.


An extremely good nursery

An extremely good nursery. When we moved to the area, Happy Days was closest to us and I am very glad it was. Very friendly and helpful staff, a great meal menu and always doing activities with the children, in out and around the premises. Much more than I expected from a nursery. Our son was more than ready for primary school. I would be extremely likely to Recommend Happy Days Childcare.

Chris C, Stradishall

You are an amazing nursery with fabulous dedicated staff

Thank you so much for putting on such a fabulous party! My youngest daughter absolutely loved it and it made her feel special as she had her own disco to go to just like her big sister at school. When we dropped her of my eldest daughter asked why she couldn’t stay too and said … ‘I loved it at Happy Days and miss it, we has the best fun! Wish I could go there instead of school!’ Makes me sad to think this the last year we will be needing regular childcare. You are an amazing nursery with fabulous dedicated staff. Well done and thank you to you all xx

Natalie J, Cowlinge

Thank you so much for your support and help

To all at Happy Days,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for my daughter. She enjoyed every day at Happy Days and made always positive comments about you. Seeing my daughter happy made me sure she was in good care. At home we often play ‘nursery’ when she wants me to be Ryan, Jane or Sarah. We always had lots of fun playing Happy Days. Thank you so much for your support and help.

E.S., LIttle Bradley

There is a low turn over of staff at the nursery and several members of the team have been with the nursery since it opened.

One of our current trainees attended the nursery herself when she was small.

This stability gives the children in our care the security they need as they move through the different rooms.

For example, babies in Bunny room will have contact with the staff who work in Fishes and Guinea pig rooms so that they can make confident transitions as they grow.

This consistency of staff and care benefits younger siblings too as they recognise the staff when they start the nursery themselves.

The majority of staff also have their own children so understand the challenges and joys of raising a young family, meaning staff are able to empathise with issues that parents might be facing.

The nursery also has a male member of staff on the team, this is of benefit to the children as they learn to socialise.

Your day with us ...

Breakfast Club

A typical day at the nursery starts with the early morning breakfast club when we open at 7.30. This is open to all age groups up to 12 years.

Preschool Session

At 9am the morning preschool session starts. Children can take part in imaginative play, messy play, arts and crafts, construction, puzzles and games, exploring movement on the Jabadao mats, music and singing, stories, mark marking and numbers and whole group activities. They are also able to go outside into the garden during each session. Some days may include activities such as Woodland Wanderers and Rugby tots. Activities and resources are selected on the interests of the children attending that day and on the topic that is currently being explored, as well as access to the continuous provision.

This session ends at Midday.

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session begins at 12pm and includes lunch.

Children staying for lunch are all given the option of a hot, home cooked meal and the midday meal is used as a time to socialise, talk about different foods and learn to use a knife and fork. The children are encouraged to try foods they might be unfamiliar with and become independent by being given the option to have a second helping, clear away their own plates and pour their own drinks. The children enjoy this chance to take charge.

After lunch the same kind of resources and activities are available in the afternoon as for the morning.

This session ends at 3pm.

Evening Session

The evening session is 3pm – 6pm and children staying for tea eat a light meal at 4.30pm.


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club starts at 7.00am and is open to all age groups up to 11 years. It includes Breakfast and if required, transport from Happy Days Childcare to/from Wickhambrook, and from Hundon and Thurlow Primary Schools.


After School Club

The After School Club includes collection from Wickhambrook, Thurlow and Hundon Primary Schools at 3.15/ 3.30pm and an afternoon snack. Children staying to 6pm eat a light meal at 4.30pm.


Holiday Club

Available for all children from 2–11 years of age, not just for those registered with Happy Days Childcare and runs from 7.00am – 6.30pm with an extensive range of activities on offer to suit the age range of children attending.

Happy Days Childcare is Ofsted Registered


Ofsted Registration No. EY538799.
Happy Days Childcare has been registered with Ofsted since 1998 and our details can be found on the Ofsted website.

Grow with us

At Happy Days, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which supports your child’s development and learning from birth until the end of Reception year at school.

Eat with us

All our food is freshly prepared at Happy Days Childcare and our menu changes on a monthly basis.  We cover all the food groups but also take into account what your child will enjoy eating.

Woodland Wanderers at Happy Days Childcare in Suffolk

Woodlands Wanderers

Taking advantage of our beautiful rural location the children are given the opportunity to experience and explore our local woodland.  A variety of activities introduce them to the natural world around them.

Happy Days Childcare Key Person

Each child has a key person and learning journey. All parents are welcome to chat to their child’s key person at any time. If a parent has concerns about their child’s development the key person is able to explore these and make referrals if these are required.

We have a large outside garden with a play house, sand pit, willow domes, construction area and ride on toys.  Children are taken on Woodland Wanderers activities to interact with the local environment. We also invite visitors in to provide extracurricular activities, such as Rugby Tots, to help with children's learning and development.

Fun at Happy Days Childcare in Suffolk

Parents are welcome to visit the nursery and ‘stay and play’ whenever they wish. We love to know what the children have achieved at home and we have WOW boards outside each room so that these can be recorded. The children enjoy their friends knowing what they’ve been doing out of nursery.



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